Please call 303-938-8646 to schedule, or book online through this website.

Patient health remains our top priority. Please make note of the immediate changes within our practice to ensure all patients and staff stay healthy:

  • New Protocols have been implemented, including asking everyone to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands upon entering the office. 

  • Increased Cleaning at the opening, closing, and in-between patients according to CDC guidelines and using EPA approved products for COVID-19.

  • Allowing for Social Distancing: We have reduced the number of customers allowed in the office to make sure staff and patients can easily observe social distancing at all times. Please limit group sizes when possible while visiting, to allow appropriate spacing. 

  • Wearing Masks at All Times will be required of everyone (staff and patients) upon entering the building. If you need special accommodation please discuss this with the doctor before your visit.

  • We will continue to adjust our safety protocols as government guidelines evolve in this ever-changing time.